Bot for arena Marvel Contest of Champions. AUTO FIGHT 24/7 script

Instructions for installing the bot


In video i instal bot on memu 2.8.6 , now in MCOC install pack is memu 3.7.0.. You must

do everything according to the instructions

In order to install the bot, download the emulator from the link at the end of the article

0) Unzip the archive

1) install the emulator

2) import the image

3) Create an account for Google to use the Google Play market

4) Go to the Google Play market and download or update the game Marvel Contest of the Champions,and download ES Explorer or oder explorer!

5) buy bot for 10$,copy the txt file with the bot into the download folder (by default it is located in your download folder - the Memu download file)

6) in the emulator go to the ES Explorer folder in the download folder and copy the file with the bot to the folder hiromakro - documents

7) on the desktop, click the chiromacro icon and press start

8) enter the game into your account - enter the desired arena and click to shake the phone

where is the button, shake the phone

9) The bot was activated, put the repeat of 1. speed 2.0 and click on the bot file itself - start

10) the bot turned on and started its work


1) the last awards for the stages do not take

2) Do not stretch the screen of the emulator, in the shield of the emulator during the bot operation, do not poke the mouse with it

3) for the notebook to enable virtualization in the BIOS

4) in the settings of HiroMakro set the Delayed Image Capture: 1 Sec.

5) in the settings of Memu set 1 cpu and 1024mb or 2048 Ram

6) If bot not worked check on memu settings SCREEN_SIZE: 1152x672 179 DPI. 1 cpu 2048Mb RAM

Download free :Bot arena MCOC install pack