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Bot for arena Marvel Contest of Champion v25,0 AUTO FIGHT 24/7 . Autofarming arena 24/7 script, update (07.11.2019)

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Welcome to our site, a bot for arena, for the game Marvel Contest of Champions. A bot in the arena is a very useful and necessary thing that every player needs at the initial middle or advanced stage of the game. A bot in the arena, for the Marvel Contest of Champions, allows you to fight all arenas in automatic mode, get rewards for stages, battle counters, fragments of reinforced crystals, units, receive rewards by rank, win new heroes, Bot works without your participation, all that you need to go into the game to include the bot in the desired arena and it will start working. Bot works you relax! This makes you free from the constant holding of time in the game, and gives you all the rewards of the arena, this increases the progress in the game 5 times

In the video on the site you can see for yourself how the bot works, Spends the battle, the bot is good enough, performs a series of 4 hits, dodges, puts the block, parries, conducts special attacks, after the end of the fight, he himself presses to go to the next series, you are in a union. expose new heroes, and begins the next battle. And so he does in a circle while you do not run out of heroes in this arena. When your characters are over, the bot moves to the next arena and begins to beat it, and so it does in a circle, all the time

A bot for arena, for the game Marvel Contest of Champions, gives you the opportunity to score awards and you at this time can do their own thing, work to relax to film a movie or play another game, all you need to just include the bot, minimize the emulator window and the bot will do everything for you...

Bot for arena for Marvel Contest of champions,can fight on all arenas: two star, three star, four star, arena for catalysts, so that he fight the catalysts, it needs to be opened for 10,000 combat tokens so that he can enter it

The bot makes a series of 10 fights sometimes even 20 fights of the series it all depends on your level of pumping your heroes if you beat the 4 * arena and you have 4 * 4/40 or 4 * 5/50 then the chance that the bot will go further on the series of course very high, in any case when your pumped heroes end and go 3 * against them the game will expose more powerful opponents and he will lose, but it's okay as a result of working all the time for a long time. Boat in the arena, for the game Marvel Contest of champions will score you more points if you played with own your hands!

Bot for the arena, for the game Marvel Contest of champions can fight the arena and at night, leave the bot at night and in the morning you will see that you have already passed many stages and rewards which you can collect and more points that will give you an advantage over other players,

If before you only fight the 4 * arenas you need, then with the bot you will also affect those arenas that you did not fight before because there was no time and energy for them and it will give you additional rewards and battle counters,

A huge number of combat tokens need to play the Marvel Battle of Champions to cover 4-5-6 maps of the task of events, to cover the crystals of the arena and the crystals of the arena of the released, on average, an account of 150,000 rating stuffs 3 million combat points per month, which is approximately 15,000 units currency per month + punisher 3 * 4 * 5 * of the arena's crystals,

A bot in the arena, for the Marvel game, the battle of champions stuffs you with currency units for which you can buy resources for passage and exploration of the 5 act and labyrinth of legends where a large number of units are required.

Buying this bot is much more profitable than buying units in the Marvel Battle of the Champions game itself as a result you will have a lot of money saved and many awards that you will receive every month

Updating the bot to the arena, for the game Marvel Contest of champions: no monthly update is required, the update is required if in the Marvel Contest of champions, there have been global updates, such as the game menu or arena transfer buttons and the like

I suggest you purchase my bot for the Marvel Battle of Champions game, what you get when purchasing:

1) you get the computer's android's emulator
2) you get a bot for the arena in the game marvel battle champions
3) you get a Video instruction guide how to install and use the bot Instructions manual

System requirements for your PC? os Windows 7-10. 2 core processor. 4 GB RAM video card with 1 GB of RAM

the cost of the bot is 10$

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